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Six Strategies to IUL Success

Thank you for requesting the free eBook Six Strategies to IUL Sales Success. In this eBook you’ll learn the strategies that our top IUL producers employ, and these high-end producers typically earn commissions that reach into the seven figure range. This book is designed to share their secrets so that you too can reach new sales heights.

What You’ll Find in the eBook:

  • The best IUL prospecting systems available
  • How to develop and commit to a marketing plan
  • Why giving-away books to leads doesn’t result in sales
  • Selling to people’s problems and understanding why they make bad decisions
  • The benefits of outsourcing web development and social media
  • Why you need to be the go-to IUL expert
  • The benefits of having a system to set goals and accomplish them
  • How to improve efficiencies and offset weaknesses
  • How to evaluate trusted partners

To get your free copy of the eBook click here.