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As a financial professional, taking a team approach is a smart move. It’s much better than the alternative of trying to convince your prospects and clients that you’re a jack-of-all-trades. It’s just not credible or trustworthy. There is strength in numbers as a financial professional, and filling your roster with other skilled players will win more clients. Read More…

Know Who You’re Talking to at Prospecting Workshops and Seminars

 When we discuss the topic of presentation or workshop preparation the first statement that comes to mind is “everything matters”. That may seem like a broad statement but it’s true. We must take a lot of things into consideration, especially who we’re talking to. Read More…

Why You Need to Have Annual Review Meetings with Clients

 When you work with a prospect and guide them towards making a financial decision and take action, you assume a leadership role. For many financial advisors, you make a commitment to lead them to and through retirement. However, many financial professionals have failed to have a scheduled maintenance process in place to review their clients’ plans and adapt them to life and lifestyle changes. Read More…

How to Improve Your Financial Services Office with Technology

When you meet with clients, do you use any tools besides pen and paper? You and your clients can benefit from implementing new technology in your financial services office. Here are a few ways you can easily improve your office by using technology. Read More…


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What is the most common concern your clients have about IUL?
It's too expensive
It's too complicated
It's hard to access money
Paramed exams and underwriting

Our Philosophy

Why AMZ Financial?

AMZ Financial’s foresight and leadership helped usher in today’s hottest insurance product — Indexed Universal Life (IUL). Our pioneering moment came in 1999 when the stock market was booming and everyone thought stocks could only go up, we chose to focus on IUL because we believed this product would transform the way people protected their families and saved for retirement. We continue to believe that clients will flock to IUL because it provides:

Absolutely no stock market losses • Fair market-linked returns
Protection of principle • Premium flexibility • Tax-free income distributions
Liquidity without tax penalty prior to age 59

These key features and benefits — along with our understanding of independent insurance distribution and actuarial product development — allowed AMZ Financial to become known as the IUL experts.

AMZ Financial cares about good, honest and ethical advisors who want to enrich the lives of their prospects and clients. We appreciate that they give back to the communities they serve and make a profound impact — personally and professionally — upon those in which they come in contact. Our best advisors are good people who just happen to be in the financial services industry.

If you’re a financial professional who believes your client is at the center of everything you do, we want to work with you. If you accept that your role involves finding creative and suitable financial solutions for your client’s money — regardless of how the solution compensates you — you’ll find that our values are aligned.


IUL has been the fastest growing life product over the past few years representing almost 30% of all fixed insurance sales. We’ve proven our expertise by developing nine top-selling IUL products. Recently, AMZ Financial captured the industry’s first patent-pending design feature that cuts insurance costs by 30% while increasing cash values by 50%, dramatically helping clients get more out of their IUL policy. No other Independent Marketing Organization that promotes IUL can claim the pioneering spirit, product development expertise, proven production, distribution reach and overall product knowledge.


Many financial professionals believe they will grow their business if they just see more prospects. We agree that growth comes from generating a steady stream of prospects. However, prospecting is just one piece of your overall success. You need those leads to convert into clients. By using our proven planning process called Consistent Advisor we can help show you how to lead your ideal prospects to make decisions, take action, become clients and generate referrals.

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Practice Management

Prospecting 365

Start email marketing year-round. Nurture Your Prospects. Make More Sales. Prospecting 365 automates your marketing, prospecting and client management efforts 365 days- a-year. With this program you stay in constant contact with your leads, prospects and clients.

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Selling 180

If you want to be a successful financial professional in today's environment, you need to consider transitioning from a pure product presentation to a comprehensive, nontraditional sales approach. Selling 180 flips the old-school selling styles and instead incorporates the secrets used by the world's most successful sales people.

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Consistent Advisor

See Exactly How We GUARANTEE to Double Your Sales in Less Than 12 Months. Consistent Advisor coaches you step-by-step through the field-tested and proven processes to run a thriving financial practice. We even throw in a complete branding package that includes a logo.

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