Rate Sheets



** Verify with carrier of any new rate changes since the last update of this rate sheet **

MYGA (Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuities)




Fixed Guaranteed Rate

A+ North American Company 3-years 1.75% (High Band $200K), 1.45% (Low Band $10K)
B++ Guggenheim Life & Annuity 3-years 2.0% (minimum premium: $10K)
B++ Guggenheim Life & Annuity 4-years 2.25% (minimum premium: $10K)
A+ North American Company 4-years 1.90% years 1-4 (High Band $200K) , 1.70% (Low Band $10K)
B++ F&G 5-years LIMITED TIME ONLY!! 3.10%
A Reliance Standard 5-years 2.35% Current Yield to Surrender (Low minimum premium = $10K). Call for the renewal rate history!
B++ EquiTrust 5-years 2.50% years (minimum premium: $10K)
B++ Sentinel Security 5-years Up to 3.15% (A` la carte Features Available). Does your E&O Cover B++?
A+ North American Company 5-years 2.50% years 1-5 (High Band $200K), 2.25% (Low Band $10K)
B++ EquiTrust 6-years 2.60% years (minimum premium: $10K)

FIA’s (Fixed Index Annuities)



Carrier Highlights

A Reliance Standard  5, 7, and 10 year duration index annuities. Liquidity in first year. Very competitive accumulation products with uncapped strategy tied to the S&P 500.
A VOYA Brand new Quest Series just launched!! 5, 7, and 10 year duration. Very competitive rates for premiums exceeding the $75K high band. Return of premium available on the 5 year duration. Innovative interest crediting methods.
A Global Atlantic Financial Group Wealth transfer death benefit feature on the Bonus Advantage is ideal for qualified money and uninsurable clients. Also, income focused products with emphasis on taking early income.
A+ North American  Multiple crediting methods, including inverse index crediting options, and multiple index options to choose from. Surrender periods from 5 years to 14 years. Premium bonuses up to 10%. Premium bonuses available for deposits in multiple years. Renewal rate integrity. Competitive income rider offering a 6% annual compounded roll-up rate for 10 years. Very versatile carrier.
A- Sagicor  Cumulative penalty free withdraws up to 50%. 4% premium bonus for older issue ages, an excellent “Wait N See” index annuity product – Call AMZ for details! Great wealth transfer SPWL’s with up to 10% premium bonus too.
A Great American  10 year return of premium product. Three riders to choose from – income, death benefit or combination. Income rider rollup up to 7% simple interest. Death benefit feature for wealth transfer.
A Allianz  An Allianz Preferred IMO.  
B++ F&G Premium bonus, income, chronic care, death benefit all in one rider. May be added to 7, 10, and 14 year products with varying index crediting rates. Also offering a product line with industry leading crediting rates.
A- American Equity  No Market Value Adjustment on their index products. Five attractive income rider options, including a no-cost income rider. Very competitive joint life payout. Premium bonuses up to 10%. Assertively priced immediate annuity and income rider payouts.  Attractive accumulation products with straight forward interest crediting options.
B++ EquiTrust  Premium Bonus up to 12%. Attractive income rider with up to a 10 year roll up period. Also offering a return of premium product with a 6% premium bonus. Competitive wealth transfer SPWL’s with up to 12% premium bonus too!
A- Americo/Legacy Index annuity product offering attractive participation rates, no bonus to drag down the interest rates, NO MVA, diverse choice of indexed strategies – many with uncapped potential.
A The Standard Index annuity products for clients up to age 90.


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