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Rate Sheets



** Verify with carrier of any new rate changes since the last update of this rate sheet **

MYGA (Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuities)




Fixed Guaranteed Rate

A+ North American Company 3-years 2.40% (High Band $100K), 2.05% (Low Band $10K)
B++ Guggenheim Life & Annuity 3-years 2.65% (minimum premium: $10K)
B++ Guggenheim Life & Annuity 4-years 2.85% (minimum premium: $10K)
A+ North American Company 4-years 2.60% years 1-4 (High Band $100K) , 2.25% (Low Band $10K)
B++ F&G 5-years 3.60%
B++ EquiTrust 5-years 2.60% years (minimum premium: $10K)
B++ Sentinel Security 5-years Up to 3.65% (A` la carte Features Available). Does your E&O Cover B++?
A+ North American Company 5-years 3.30% years 1-5 (High Band $100K), 2.95% (Low Band $10K)
B++ EquiTrust 6-years 2.75% years 1-6 (minimum premium: $10K)
B+ Guaranty Income Life 6-years 3.40% years 1-6 (minimum premium: $2K Qualified/$5K Non-Qualified)

FIA’s (Fixed Index Annuities)



Carrier Highlights

A Reliance Standard  5, 7, and 10 year duration index annuities. Liquidity in first year. Very competitive accumulation products with uncapped strategy tied to the S&P 500.
A VOYA Quest Series 5, 7, and 10 year duration. Very competitive rates for premiums exceeding the $75K high band. Return of premium available on the 5 year duration. Innovative interest crediting methods.
A+ North American  Multiple crediting methods, including inverse index crediting options, and multiple index options to choose from. Surrender periods from 5 years to 14 years. Premium bonuses up to 10%. Premium bonuses available for deposits in multiple years. Renewal rate integrity. Competitive income rider offering a 6% annual compounded roll-up rate for 10 years. Very versatile carrier.
A- Sagicor  Brand New Sage Secure Index Annuity has launched and can be written up to age 90.  The popular Sage Select offers Cumulative penalty free withdraws up to 50%. 4% premium bonus for older issue ages, an excellent “Wait N See” index annuity product – Call AMZ for details! Great wealth transfer SPWL’s with up to 10% premium bonus too.
A Great American  10 year return of premium product. Three riders to choose from – income, death benefit or combination. Income rider rollup up to 7% simple interest. Death benefit feature for wealth transfer.
A Allianz  An Allianz Preferred IMO.  
B++ F&G Premium bonus, income, chronic care, death benefit all in one rider. May be added to 7, 10, and 14 year products with varying index crediting rates. Also offering a product line with industry leading crediting rates.
A- American Equity  No Market Value Adjustment on their index products. Five attractive income rider options, including a no-cost income rider. Very competitive joint life payout. Premium bonuses up to 10%. Assertively priced immediate annuity and income rider payouts.  Attractive accumulation products with straight forward interest crediting options.
B++ EquiTrust  Premium Bonus up to 12%. Attractive income rider with up to a 10 year roll up period. Also offering a return of premium product with a 6% premium bonus. Competitive wealth transfer SPWL’s with up to 12% premium bonus too!
A- Americo/Legacy Index annuity product offering attractive participation rates, no bonus to drag down the interest rates, NO MVA, diverse choice of indexed strategies – many with uncapped potential.
A The Standard Index annuity products for clients up to age 90.


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