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Pre-Set IUL Appointments

We Create the Appointment — You Close the Sale

With the Pre-Set IUL Appointment program you have one of the most cost-efficient prospecting program available, and you can qualify to receive an extra $1,500 every month to help offset your prospecting costs. Honestly, other IUL prospecting programs require a lot more work, and you’re never sure if it will lead to an appointment. Instead of conducting seminars, workshops or sending direct mail and hoping someone responds, this programs delivers appointments that are ready to be worked.


Prospecting 365

Prospecting 365 automates your prospecting and client management efforts 365 days-a-year. Now you can stay in constant contact with your leads, prospects and clients … and because you nurture these relationships, when they’re ready to make a financial decision they turn to you for help. Learn how you can have a 275% Return on Investment (ROI) by using a predictable and automated way to grow and nurture your business every day of the year.


Life Made Easy

Work With 10-12 New IUL Prospects Each Month

If you currently sell, or want to sell Indexed Universal Life (IUL), we can provide you with a proven IUL Sales Presentation.  The Life Made Easy℠ IUL Sales System offers you the materials you need to prospect for IUL clients, and provides you with the presentation for your face-to-face meetings.


Media Mogul

Earned Media Raises Your Credibility and Referability

Most advisors want more positive media visibility in their local market, but they just don’t know exactly how to earn media opportunities with TV producers and program directors. That’s where Medial MogulSM can help. By working with the Media Mogul program you gain access to nearly 200 years of combined newsroom experience.  Through the program we help secure media exposure for financial advisors. This is a territory-protected program, so act now if you’re interested.


Prospects On Demand

We Conduct the Workshop – You Work the Leads

Many advisors like the idea of doing client workshops, but don’t have the time, energy, skills or experience to successfully do workshops. We offer Prospects on Demand as a complete prospecting system that helps you grow your practice — and we do all the hard work. Seminar marketing works because it allows you to quickly get in front of a large audience. Are you ready for a constant stream of prospects ready to meet with you? This affordable prospecting strategy can generate a substantial amount of business in a short period of time.