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Practice Management

IUL University

Watch Our Video-based Training at the IUL University

You must be contracted with AMZ Financial to view the videos at the IUL University.

We have archived a significant amount of video-based training to help you improve your understanding of how Indexed Universal Life (IUL) works, the history of the product and where it fits in the sales process.  We welcome you to review the content here.  You can watch the videos at our IUL University.


Start Selling 180

3 Secrets to an Amazing Client Interview

If you want to be a successful financial professional in today’s environment, and learn the industry’s selling secrets, you need to consider transitioning from a pure product presentation to a comprehensive, nontraditional sales technique.  Selling 180 flips the old-school selling styles and instead it incorporates the secrets used by the world’s most successful sales people.


Consistent Advisor

Make Over $250,000 in Less Than 12 Months

To make more sales you need a proven way to consistently convert prospects into clients.  Over the past three years we’ve perfected a proven sales process called Consistent AdvisorSM.  By following the steps outlined in this program, you’ll easily double or even triple your production.