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Getting Started

Congratulations on deciding to walk away from mediocrity and taking the necessary steps to become exceptional. Consistent Advisor is a business management and sales process platform that will double your production — guaranteed — if you are coachable and follow the proven and field-tested principles.

Explore the site and you will find hours upon hours of coaching videos. These videos will guide you through the process of taking your business from good to great. Each video details actions and processes that top-performing financial firms utilize every day to become the premiere financial services firms in their communities.

Unfortunately, you need to do more than just watch the videos. To be successful — and ultimately double your production in just one year — you must take action and implement the sound, proven principles outlined in each video to go from good to great.

Navigate the site, review the videos, explore the sample materials and shop in our store. If you use the coaching in Consistent Advisor, and implement the principles, you will double your production regardless of the products or services you sell.