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How to Use the Presentations Section

How To Use the Presentation Section

Welcome to the presentation section of our video library. This section will help you understand:

  • Prospecting Presentation
  • How to use Retirement Analyzer
  • How to build a case design from scratch
  • How to incorporate the various educational slide decks that are available to you through Consistent Advisor

First, you need a powerful prospecting presentation to use at workshops and in one-on-one interactions with prospects during Discovery Meetings.

Second, you need a financial software program to help you develop a plan from the raw data collected during your Discovery Meeting. Many of our advisors choose Retirement Analyzer because it’s one of the best cash-flow calculators available, it’s easy to use and their support team is top notch.

The video on how to use Retirement Analyzer is a very broad picture of how to use the program to assist with case design. You will most likely want to get more detailed training from the Retirement Analyzer website.

Strategy Sessions and Case Studies

In this video series, we have constructed three sample cases. Each one represents a very likely prospect scenario.

Case 1 is a 45-year-old couple who are still working and earning a paycheck. They are juggling paying bills, preparing for college spending, and saving for retirement.

Case 2 is a 55-year-old couple who may have delayed saving for retirement longer than they would have liked. They’re in catch-up mode.

Case 3 is a 65-year-old couple who is ready to retire tomorrow. They need a transition plan from earning a paycheck, to having their savings create their retirement income.

We’ll also show you how to use our Consistent Advisor slide decks. You’ll be able to piece the slides together to help educate your prospect on concepts that are important to their retirement planning situation.

With these videos you will learn how to develop a case using a tool like Retirement Analyzer. You’ll build a plan and create an effective presentation that highlights the prospect’s problems, allowing them to take accountability and corrective action.