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How To Use the Client Experience Section

Out-Experience Your Competition

Lets face it, your marketing budget isn’t nearly as big as the Fortune 500 companies. However, you’re competing with these well-known financial firms whose creative services departments include more employees than your entire firm. You cannot outspend them, however you can out-experience them. That is what the Client Experience section is about.

All the videos here will help you create a richer client experience in your office. We’ll touch on branding, controlling the greeting, and the reception. We’ll look at ways to enhance the client experience from the moment they grab the door handle of your office.

Why The Experience Matters

You want them to be impressed. You want to give them a reason to refer you. Focusing on the small details makes a big impression on your prospects and clients. If things are out of place, or disheveled, their opinion of your company will be soured. Making an extraordinary experience creates positive impressions.

As you work through the videos in this section, think about what kind of experience you would want your prospect or client to have. We’re going to look at the tiny little details that make the client experience extraordinary. We’re not going to outspend the big boys, but we can, and should, out-experience them.