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Discovery Meeting

OK, so you have an appointment with a prospect. Now what do you do? What is the next step you’re going to take to prepare for your appointment?

Many advisers we talk to put their feet up on their desk and say, “I guess I’ll wait until they come in.” They or their staff take no action, other than a confirmation call, between the time the appointment is made and the big day.

The first thing they should do as soon as an appointment is scheduled, is send the customer a pre-Discovery meeting care package. Inside of the pre-Discovery meeting care package, is a letter, a copy of your written planning process, the appointment checklist, and your firm biography.

We’ve provided you with the pre-discovery appointment letter. For our Gold and Platinum members we’re helping you develop the other marketing pieces you need. Your responsibility is to make sure your team has a workflow in place to send your package after each appointment is set.

Let’s talk about the letter specifically. What is it’s purpose? Of course, it is a meeting reminder of the date, time, and location. However, it accomplishes much more than that. Psychologically, the letter reduces anxiety. It describes the environment the prospect is walking into. It covers what will happen when they arrive, the objective of the meeting, and the desired outcome. The letter allows them to relax and feel at ease with their decision to set an appointment.

By the way, we’ll often refer to the first appointment as a visit. After all, it is a visit to determine what, if anything, you can do for them, and if they are someone you want to work with.