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Balanced Approach with Loss Avoidance

This video is a tutorial on how to express a conceptual representation of using a loss avoidance strategy with a balanced approach to retirement income planning in a compliant manner. Whether you utilize fixed or fixed indexed life insurance and annuities in your planning process, the balanced approach discussion will help you educate prospects on how to minimize losses and potentially increase the overall risk adjusted rate of return on their entire portfolio.

During this tutorial we will show you how to interact with an audience of one, or many, in a one-on-one setting or workshop setting, to hand draw a conceptual representation of calculating the real rate of return versus the average rate of return using both positive and negative market performance, and then plug that into a discussion about a balanced approach to retirement income planning. During the balanced approach portion of the discussion we can identify three primary financial services entities who are competing for the retirement dollar of the prospect. We educate them on why each one of them has a value for a portion of their money, yet how each entity is confusing the prospect to believe that the others are less valuable. It is our job as a representative to bring those options together in a balanced approach. The amount that belongs in each one of those places is really dependent on the nature of the prospects’ objectives and resources.

Once you’ve mastered this simple conceptual presentation you’ll be able to walk a prospect or a room full of workshop attendees threw it in a matter of 5 to 8 minutes. It is a great way to build interaction with your audience, and to educate them on ideas they most likely have never been introduced to.