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My First Take

Receive Up To 10 Custom-Created Videos for Free

More and more people today go online to research an advisor prior to working with them. If you have a website or social media account (Facebook), one of the most important pieces you need to convey who you are and what you do is professional consumer-focused videos. As a contracted producer with AMZ Financial, we provide you with up to 10 custom-created professional videos you can use either on your website or social media accounts. This valuable service will elevate your website and social media profile … and we provide it all at no cost to our producers.


Six Strategies to IUL Sales Success

six strategies to iul success


Each and every top advisor or producer that sells Indexed Universal Life (IUL) helps their clients realize that IUL is the only life insurance product that can meet the needs of those looking for significant cash-value accumulation potential, along with the underlying guarantees that protect their earnings from market volatility. In fact, the sale of IUL continues to trend up at a blistering pace. According to LIMRA studies, IUL sales continue to grow and the product continues to gain market share. Get the eBook now.


Free IUL Client Presentation

free iul presentation

Present The Case for IUL

Today, more and more people save money in qualified 401(k) plans and they don’t realize the problems that these plans create.  If they only knew a better way … and this proven client presentation helps the prospect see the value in purchasing an IUL policy. Request access to this amazing presentation that you can use in face-to-face meetings or workshops to clearly convey how IUL is a solid way to supplement their retirement savings.


The Five Keys to Selling IUL Virtually

5 keys to selling iul virtually


With a good work ethic and the right knowledge, in the next 90 days you could make $32,000 to $150,000 selling IUL virtually in today’s tech-driven world. Many advisors struggle getting in front of the right target market for IUL, until now. Download this valuable e-book “The Five Keys to Selling IUL Virtually” and you’ll discover a better way to prospect and grow your business.