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Prospects On Demand – A Complete Prospecting System


We’ll provide you with 20-50 prospects that you can work with immediately. With Prospects on Demand, we:

  • Send the mailing
  • Secure the reservations
  • Conduct the presentation for you by a Certified Financial Educator.
  • Transfer all credibility to you

What You’re Responsible For:

  • Secure the Meeting Location
  • Select the Meeting Date (must be at least six weeks out and must be approved by speaker)
  • Select the Meeting Time (must be approved by speaker)

Once you’re set up, all you need to do is follow up with the prospects interested in meeting with you.This turnkey system, when executed properly, will generate additional life and annuity production.


  • 5,000 piece mailer
  • One event date
  • Certified Financial Educator to Conduct Workshop

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