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Prospecting 365


Prospecting 365

Solutions designed to OPTIMIZE your leads and STREAMLINE your office

Prospecting 365 provides solutions for automating several aspects of your business, like daily or repetitive tasks, important client milestones, annual reviews, and also includes age-based milestone triggers on topics like RMDs, Social Security, Medicare and more. This program is not a silver bullet, it’s a smarter way to run and grow your business.

Prospecting 365 is a very customizable CRM and marketing automation tool. Here are the main benefits:

  • Easy to use. Every aspect of the system is easy to use. From importing prospects, storing important client data, or initiating campaigns that work with a push of a button.
  • Works everywhere. Since the program is cloud-based, the system works anywhere you have an internet or mobile connection. It’s even ready to hit the road with a powerful mobile app available through Google® Play or the iTunes Store.
  • Connect it all. Connect your CRM, your client and prospect marketing, your website, social media and so much more!
  • Customized for you. One of the most valuable features is that it’s very customizable and will be tailored to your business.