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One-on-One Appointment Program

Target the High-Net Worth Market

Seventy percent of higher net-worth prospects will never attend a public seminar event. That’s why we developed the One-on-One Appointment Program. This program targets individuals with income producing assets in excess of $250,000 and includes a direct-mail offer that generates one-on-one office appointments.

How it Works:

  • We secure and send to the list an offer for a $100 gift card
  • Prospects respond for a one-on-one financial review
  • When appointments are set you fulfill the offer by providing the gift card

The One-on-One Appointment Program is a time-tested and highly effective lead generation program. It specifically targets qualified, wealthier prospects to meet for one-on-one in-office appointments in a private and professional setting for a full financial review.


  • 7,500 piece wedding-style mailer
  • Projected 8-12 appointments
  • Toll-free Response Line
  • 24-hour call center
  • Calls recorded
  • Uploaded to website for your review
  • Appointment confirmation letter

What You’re Responsible For:

  • Securing the Gift Cards
  • Conducting the Meetings

Price and program availability subject change at any time and without notice. May not be available in all states. Some states may limit gift amount.