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A CFEd® is an individual who has been trained and certified, and whose credentials have been accepted by the Heartland Institute Consortium of Colleges and Universities across the United States and Canada. Once a professional has earned the CFEd®, they are recognized for their willingness and effort to educate and enlighten others, whether through the formal classroom, individual training sessions or simply by imparting important information to clients. To participate in the Financial Wellness@Work program, you must obtain the CFEd®.







How to become a CFEd®

The CFE Certified Financial Educator® is a registered designation awarded to individual practitioners who have:

  • A minimum of 3-years of experience in financial services.
  • Experience in teaching adult learners.
  • Demonstrated to be in good standing and no complaints with financial federal & state regulators.
  • Willingness and effort to financially educate and enlighten others.
  • Submit the CFEd application online form
  • Pass the CFEd examination with a 70% score (160 question exam)
  • If these above requirements apply to you, please add this item to your cart to apply for the CFEd® Designation. Upon payment, you will be delivered the CFEd application. The Heartland Institute will review your CFEd® application for approval. Once approved, you will receive all of the necessary self-study materials and exam instructions. If not approved, we will refund your application fee.

Test Preparation Options

With the Financial Wellness@Work program you have two test preparation options. Be sure to select the option that best fits your needs.

Option 1: Des Moines Test Prep

You attend a one-day test preparation class in Des Moines, then immediately sit for the proctored exam. You are responsible for all travel costs associated with getting to Des Moines.

Option 2: Self-Study Test Prep

You receive the self-study materials. After reading and reviewing all of the self-study materials you schedule an exam at a local proctored exam testing facility.

CFEd® Renewal/CE

Each CFEd® must annually renew their designation through a 2-step process:

1. Payment of the annual CFEd® Renewal $150 Fee and continue to be “in good standing” with federal and state regulators.
2. 12 hours of approved Continuing Education requirement.

  • Acceptable CE courses include subject topics addressing the area of financial planning, including (but not necessarily limited to) the planning process, risk management, debt management, cash flow management, investment planning, tax planning, retirement planning, business planning, employee benefits, planned giving, estate planning and strategies, ethics, etc. State-approved continuing education for licensing renewal purposes counts toward the HIFE CE requirement.
  • Two hours of the twelve hours must include a review of instructor issues relative to teaching financial wellness to adult learners. This is done by reading the monthly articles from the Heartland Institute’s website and you must pass a test on this material.
  • Detailed instructions for HIFE’s Continuing Education submittal process can be found below.

Please note that the price includes a handling and processing fee.