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Our Vision

The vision of AMZ is very simple. We intend to be the Indexed Life market leaders.

Our company is focused on Indexed Life product development and the marketing and distribution of those products. We search for partners, insurance companies, marketing firms and agents who have a desire to market these innovative products.

AMZ is set to lead the way! Our staff has over 250 years experience in the life insurance industry. Many of those years have been devoted to product development, distribution growth and service.



A Proven Track Record of Success Matters

In 2002, when other marketing organizations were pushing Whole Life or Variable Universal Life, AMZ Financial stated that Indexed Universal Life would be the next billion-dollar insurance product — and we were right.

As more and more companies enter this market, AMZ Financial will continue to lead the way and support you by providing the unvarnished truth about the strongest products and carriers. AMZ also plans to launch exclusive product offerings in the years ahead. In addition, AMZ has created the most comprehensive IUL web-based selling marketing system that includes training, sales, software and tools for the independent agent.

AMZ is the only marketing company that has:
• Focused on Indexed Universal Life from our inception
• Successfully developed and launched multiple Indexed Life products with multiple insurance companies
• Built products that rank in the top ten for Indexed Life sales
• Set and smashed Indexed Life sales records for the companies we represent
• Developed a game-changing, patent-pending product design that is taking the industry by storm.

If you are looking to enter this market — or simply want to better understand these products — turn to a company with a proven track record of success. Choose to work with AMZ Financial. Let us show you the power of Indexed Life and the power of what AMZ can do for you.



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AMZ Partners
Allie Miller, Chief Executive Officer
Jason Konopik, Chief Financial Officer
Joseph Zuccolotto, President | Chief Operating Officer
Dave Zuccolotto, VP International Marketing

Marketing Team
Jeff Janes, Chief Marketing Officer
Steven Bieber, Videographer, Social Media Coordinator
Travis Lee, Graphic Designer

Technology Division
Roman Mazuka, IT Support Specialist
Danielle Ostgard, Salesforce System Administrator

Contracting & Licensing | New Business
Dawn McGowan, New Business Manager
Rachel Sanfilippo, Case Manager
Christina Gisler, Contracting & Licensing Associate
Karlee Bier, Contracting & Licensing Associate
Lisa Brooks, New Business Associate
Desiree Soria, Contracting & Licensing Associate

Rita Holtz, FAST Team Manager
David Hall, FAST Team Specialist
Pat Kempf, FAST Team Specialist
Robert Anchondo, FAST Team Specialist

Distribution Team
Rick Rumelhart, Chief Distribution Officer
Mark Triplett, Chief Business Development Officer
Marcia Hackfort, National Vice President
John V. Scheer, National Vice President
Tommy Aiken, National Vice President
Mark Bermudez, National Vice President
Jayson Lynch Sr., CFEd®, National Vice President
Scott Turner, National Vice President
Kim Bruce, V.P. Market Development

Administrative Operations
Cindy Skelton, Controller
Dai Vi, Business Analyst
Lynne Randolph, Administrative Assistant
Ranae Mortenson, Administrative Assistant



Distribution Team

Mark Bermudez
National Vice President
(866) 279-5677 x126

Kim Bruce
V.P. Market Development
(866) 204-7712 x139

John V. Scheer
National Vice President
(866) 279-5677 x128

Marcia Hackfort
National Vice President
(866) 204-7712 x137

Mark Triplett
Chief Business Development Officer
(866) 204-7712 x106

Tommy Aiken
National Vice President
Seguin, Texas
(512) 937-6335

Scott Turner
National Vice President
(866) 204-7712 x134

Jayson Lynch
National Vice President
(866) 204-7712 x122

Midwest Office



Allie Miller
Chief Executive Officer
(866) 204-7712 x104

Mr. Miller is Chief Executive Officer of AMZ Financial. He has 30 years experience in the life insurance industry. He has served as a corporate officer at 5 insurance companies, with a focus on creating distribution and product development.

His vision of the success of Indexed Life was predicated on knowing the industry’s history, particularly Universal Life. Believing that history and trends can tend to repeat, Mr. Miller saw early on in 2000 the success that IUL would achieve. Adapting AMZ Financial to focus on the development of Indexed Life products, Mr. Miller and AMZ Financial quickly grew market share and established a trusted name you could rely on to learn about the power of Indexed products. Over the last seventeen years as IUL has become the fastest growth product in the life insurance industry, AMZ Financial has successfully developed ten of the top selling products with several of the top companies selling IUL.

Mr. Miller is both an advocate for the field and a spokesman for the carriers AMZ represents. Through his years of experience he has been able to bring relationships together to benefit all parties. AMZ has been able to take these relationships to new levels by creating exclusive agreements and industry leading products while providing the expertise and back office support. This has enabled AMZ to become the number one writer of Indexed Life. Mr. Miller is a graduate of Wittenberg University, in Springfield OH, where he received his Bachelor of Science in both Political Science and Economics. He is happily married, has two children and resides in Urbandale, IA.



Jason Konopik
F.S.A., MAAA, Chief Financial Officer
(866) 204-7712 x101

Mr. Konopik is Chief Financial Officer of AMZ Financial. He has over 20 years experience in the life insurance industry. Mr. Konopik spent almost 10 years in product development at AmerUs Group where he lead the development of their Indexed Life and Indexed Annuity product portfolios and is nationally recognized as an expert on Indexed Products.

Mr. Konopik relies on his actuarial, investment, and general insurance company knowledge in addition to his relationships with successful producers to provide product development support to carriers AMZ represents. He has had a hand in the development of many of the most popular indexed life products sold in the last decade. In addition, he is an advocate of field education and has trained thousands of agents on the power of indexed products.

Mr. Konopik is a graduate of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, where he received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Actuarial Science and is a Fellow of the society of Actuaries and a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries. He is happily married, has two children and resides in Clive, IA.


Jeff Janes
Chief Marketing Officer
(866) 204-7712 x102

Cindy Skelton
(866) 204-7712 x110

David Hall
FAST Team Specialist
(866) 204-7712 x114

Mark Triplett
Chief Business Development Officer
(866) 204-7712 x106

Pat Kempf
FAST Team Specialist
(866) 204-7712 x105

Dai Vi
Business Analysit
(866) 204-7712 x119

Kim Bruce
V.P. Market Development
(866) 204-7712 x139

Rick Rumelhart
Chief Distribution Officer
(866) 204-7712 x113

Travis Lee
Graphic Designer
(866) 204-7712 x132

Rita Holtz
FAST Team Manager
(866) 204-7712 x143

Steven Bieber
Video Producer, Social Media Coordinator
(866) 204-7712 x133

Ranae Mortenson
Administrative Assistant
(866) 204-7712

Scott Turner
National Vice President
(866) 204-7712 x134

Marcia Hackfort
National Vice President
(866) 204-7712 x137

West Coast Office


Joe A. Zuccolotto
President/Chief Operating Officer
(866) 279-5677 x109

Mr. Zuccolotto has 35 years experience in the insurance industry and has served as the President and COO of AMZ Financial. Joe oversees AMZ’s business operation and works to create, implement and maintain AMZ’s technology strategy.

For the past 16 years at AMZ Mr. Zuccolotto has stayed focused on the operational improvements that provide benefit to the distribution and carriers that work with AMZ.

Mr. Zuccolotto is married with two children and resides in Northern California.


Dave L. Zuccolotto
VP International Marketing
(866) 279-5677

Mr. Zuccolotto has 50 years of experience in the life insurance industry. He continually supports Marketing and recruiting, is a Senior Advisor of AMZ. He spent the first five years of his career as an agent/general agent. He then spent the next ten years as a Regional Vice president for Pioneer Mutual Life. Mr. Zuccolotto left Pioneer to accept the position of Chief Marketing Officer and then Executive Vice President of Pacific Guardian Life. His tenure at Pacific Guardian included twenty years of service.

Mr. Zuccolotto left Pacific Guardian to establish Joanlar Inc., an Independent Marketing Organization operating primarily in the western states. He was one of the founders of AMZ, which currently operates in over forty-five states.

Mr. Zuccolotto is a graduate of Chaffee College in Ontario California. He is past president of the Western Agency Officers Association. He has served as a board member of Baymont Christian Schools, Benefit for Association of Churches and Schools, Pioneer Mortgage Corporation and South Pacific Mortgage Inc. LIMRA Leadership Institute Fellow LLIF. Designation

Mr. Zuccolotto is happily married and he and his wife enjoy their children and grandchildren.



Lynne Randolph
Administrative Assistant
(866) 279-5677 x121

Danielle Ostgard
Salesforce System Administrator
(866) 279-5677 x115

Roman Mazuka
IT Support Specialist
(866) 279-5677 x135

Lisa Brooks
New Business Associate
(866) 279-5677 x138

Rachel Sanfilippo
New Business Case Manager
(866) 279-5677 x130

Mark Bermudez
National Vice President
(866) 279-5677 x126

Dawn McGowan
New Business Manager
(866) 279-5677 x118

Christina Gisler
Contracting & Licensing Associate
(866) 279-5677 x120

Robert Anchondo
FAST Team Specialist
(866) 279-5677 x108

Desiree Soria
Contracting & Licensing Associate
(916) 525-8339

Karlee Bier
Support Specialist
(866) 279-5677 x136